Wedding Guest Book Ideas


DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 1An elegant wedding guest book – Photo Courtesy: Emily Stanchfield


A guest book is a great way to keep track of who actually came to your wedding, and it’s a keepsake the two of you will want to look at over the years to come. Many couples, though, are moving away from the traditional guest book and toward the world of creativity in this area these days. Looking for something innovative? These ideas can help.



A Sign and a Pic


DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 2

Get more than a signature on a page. Put a dry erase marker board in place of the guest book along with a camera. You can either have a digital camera so guests can see themselves and grab the right pic or an impromptu photographer standing to take a pic of each guest. Have them write a message to the two of you on the marker board, then snap the pic. It’s one history of your wedding you won’t soon forget.


Right: For their wedding guestbook, Tara and Liam wanted people to take pictures of themselves with an available Polaroid camera, then attach the pictures to the book with a message. Photo Courtesy: Phil Gold



Wine and Dine


DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 3

Set out four bottles of wine. Each one should be labeled with a different anniversary. There should be a bottle for your first anniversary, your fifth anniversary, your tenth, and your twentieth. Have guests select which bottles they’d like to sign, and make sure they leave a bit of advice with their signature.


Left: “When Jeremy and I got married on January 8th, 2000, our friend Joe gave us a bottle of champagne to be opened on our 10th anniversary – a really beautiful wedding present.” – Jessica Spengler



A Rocky Start


DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 4

A bowl of river rocks is all you need for this unique guest book. Leave a few permanent markers nearby, then have each guest sign their name on one side of the rock, and a small bit of wisdom on the other side. After the wedding, put your rocks in a beautiful vintage aquarium where you can pull them out once in a while and reflect on your big day.



A Wise Man Once Said DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 5


Grab that typewriter in your Mom’s basement and some small scraps of paper for this idea. Have each guest type a bit of advice to the two of you on a sheet of paper, then place it on self-adhesive pages in a scrapbook or memory book. The advice will be as much fun to look through as the names of the guests.


Photo Courtesy: Beatrice Murch




Hang ‘em High


DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 6


Place clothespins and some small note-cards on your guestbook table with some pens. Have guests write brief notes of well-wishes to you as they come in the door, then have them hang their notes on a clothesline suspended above the table. They’re certain to be sentiments you won’t want to miss.


A Puzzling Affair


Have a variety of blank puzzle pieces laying on the table. You’ll need one piece for each guest, so be sure your blank puzzle is large enough. Have each guest sign a puzzle piece with his or her name as well as a brief message to you. The two of you will have a great time assembling the puzzle and reading the messages in the weeks to come.


Needling Your Way to the Altar


DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas 7Happily Ever After Wedding Signature Quilt – Photo Courtesy: Dana

Have each guest sign a fabric quilt square before the ceremony. Afterward, have a quilter piece it together for you. Whether you hang it on your wall or sleep under the well wishes night after night, it’s a keepsake you won’t soon forget.


The ‘You’ Factor


Is there something unique about the two of you? It might make a great guestbook idea. For example, if he plays guitar in a band, have all of the guests sign a guitar that you can put on display in your home. If the two of you met playing beach volleyball, why not have the guests sign a volleyball? Factor your own interests and tastes into the wedding guest book equation, and you’ll have a treasure you look to time after time.



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Wedding Guest Book Ideas 1

Wedding guest book ideas should be as unique as the couple getting married. You are planning one of the most special days of your life, and the guestbook will be a record keepsake of those who shared this extraordinary time with you.

The days of the old book with the single line afterwards are long past. Think creatively.


Personalized guest books


In recent years, couples are learning that technology is a big help when it comes to making a personalized book. Forget the idea of guest books completely and instead make a PowerPoint.

Find a friend who is good with a camera and have them speak to as many of the guests as possible throughout the day. Have each person say a few words to the couple. They may have a memory to share or a joke. It does not matter. After the ceremony, you can make a PowerPoint out of the recording. If you are not sure about how to do this, there are hundreds of places that can help you make a wonderful keepsake video. Check out wedding planner book also.


Wedding Guest Book Ideas 2

A Polaroid camera is perfect for making a creative photo collection. Assign one of your friends to be in charge of the taking the pictures. Tell them to make a point of going to each guest and taking a picture of just that one person.

To help keep things organized, give the “photographer” a box of cue cards and envelopes. While the picture develops have the person write their signature and a few words on the card. This and the photograph can be put into an envelope to be made into a guestbook later.


If you are planning to have place card holders on each table, have an additional card made with the person’s name on it that they can sign. After dinner have the MC request that each person take a moment to fill out the card with a few words for the couple.

Be certain that you have a friend go to each table shortly after the meal to collect all the cards. To make things interesting, place a few crayons or markers on each table for the guests to use.  Include any children at the wedding to make their own cards. Find out how creative your guests are!


Unique wedding ideas


One of the best places to go and find truly unique wedding ideas is a website called Wedloft. This site is designed to permit newly engaged couples to share in their planning. On this site, you can find book ideas, ideas for the wedding favor and anything else that has to do with a wedding.

This book will become a treasured family keepsake. If you are lucky you will want to pass it on to your children. Wedding guest book ideas do not have to be limited. This is a special day, and it requires a special book.