Wedding Planner Book

Create the perfect wedding with a good Wedding PlannerCreate the perfect wedding with a good Wedding Planner

The wedding planner book is about to become your new best friend. From the day you announce your intentions to get married and until a few weeks after the big day, this book will be your constant companion.


Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner Book is a great Wedding Organizer


A good wedding planner is far more than just a book – it is an organizer. This item is going to help you to create the perfect wedding. You are going to quickly learn that it is vital to have one place where you keep everything associated to the wedding. You will also need a wedding planner checklist and you can download a free wedding planner checklist on that page which should be a good wedding planning guide for you and your timeline.


Wedding Planning


Wedding planning can be very complicated and there are many details to consider. Renting a venue alone is going to be a very involved process.


Wedding Planners and Organizers at Barnes & Noble bookshop

O my, what a stack! Jenn looked at all the wedding planners/organizers that Barnes & Noble had to offer, and settled on one. Photo Courtesy: Collin Harvey


You will probably want to go to different places and make notes about capacity, price and deposits. You will then have to find out other details like liquor licenses, when you can get in and decorate, when does cleaning afterwards has to be done and other assorted odds and ends. (See some wedding decoration ideas)

Great planning guides need to have pockets. You should make certain that you are able to tuck notes and business cards right into the book. It should be large enough to even keep a few fabric swatches and color samples.

These are things you are going to need to have with you as you travel from retailer to retailer.  The purpose of a planner is to keep all things related to the wedding in one location.

Other things that are great to have in a good guide are checklists. There are hundreds of different lists and formats that you can choose from depending on how you like to stay organized. Some like to use a countdown system.


Wedding Bands and Wedding Planner Book

The entire format is geared towards time, e.g. things you should have done a month before the wedding or two months before the wedding, etc. Others focus on an outline of the tasks and then break each task down in separate places, i.e. the first list would have the bride’s dress as number three and then have an individual list for the dress. The second location is where you could write dates for fittings and the names of places you want to visit.

You might consider also doing a wedding planner course


Printable Wedding Planner


One way to get a great wedding planner is to go online and find a printable wedding planner. This option has a number of benefits in that you can select the information that is relevant to your wedding. There are many things in a standard planner that you may not need. Additionally, there may be things that are not included in wedding books that you can buy.

There is no substitute for a wedding planner book. It does not matter if you have a professional helping or not, you have to have your own records for everything.

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