What Can Be the Perfect Attire for A Summer Wedding?

What Can Be the Perfect Attire for A Summer Wedding 1Photo Courtesy: Roger David Suits of Australia


With the advent of June, the wedding season is in full swing. Irrespective of whether you are the groom or not, it’s the time to drink up, dance and dress up to the top. Its time you dropped the old school rental tux from the shop down the street, and choose something that really fits into the occasion. So given that the wedding could be at a rooftop restaurant, the beach, a farmhouse or the good old church, how do you choose what to wear? It can be extremely difficult to decipher, what to wear to which location and stay comfortable in the weather.

Summer wedding dress codes have now evolved to a more relaxed approach. These are highlighted by using quirky cufflinks, accessories and sometimes even pocket squares. The aim is to go for classic, clean and comfortable looks.


The Linen look


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Now if your wedding invite reads a beach location, you are one lucky person. So, for that all important out of town exotic locale wedding, breathable fabrics are the way to go forward. Look for suits in linen or cotton & linen mix to beat the sweat, and stay cool. In terms of colours, khakis and light shades like whites and powder blues would work best. A great way to turn a linen suit into a stylish must-have for the season, is by replacing the standard shirt with a floral patterned design.


The Semi-formal look


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Jodie and Jesse at Tyler’s Wedding in Mountain View, California, USA – Photo Courtesy: Jodie Wilson


So if the location is an elegant rooftop on a summer night with cool breeze, what options do you have? Well you need to ditch the tux, but keep the dress shirt with the full suit and tie. You can also choose to create an effortless classic look with a smart set of chinos, an elegant blazer, and a light coloured shirt with a linen tie to complete the look. Brogues would be the ideal choice of footwear to go along with this look.


The Super Formal look


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Well, if the weddings invite reads black tie, then it’s time to rock that custom made tux. Now the only rule to remember is that; just follow the black tie formal look to the T. The focus in this look has to be the fit, and the small details like cummerbund, patent leather shoes and the black bow tie.


Ties & Bowties


The tie is the important part of the groom’s wedding attire, as it showcases not just his personality but also the theme of the wedding. This is where you should use colours, and a silk tie is the best way to go.


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If you are attending a wedding, then you can be looser with your tie choices. You can choose materials like jacquards or go for a silk under the suit in place of a tie. You can also play with the tie breadth as well, by going for a thinner tie. Finally you do have the option of replacing the tie, with a pocket square which is well contrasted with the suit.


Regardless of your role in the wedding this summer, the look has to relaxed and unique. Remember, there is fashionable attire irrespective of the budget you may have.


Gisele Hawkins, the author, is a successful image consultant and a remarkable stylist. She feels ties are an essential part of a man’s attire as it not only makes him look more professional but also more elegant.


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