Wedding Guests from Hell

Wedding Guests from Hell 1No guests should cause a happy bride to have a sad moment on her big day. Photo Courtesy – Alex Proimos

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see my cousin get married. It was a great ceremony but as soon as we arrived at the ceremony, things started to go downhill. There were some guests there that didn’t seem to know how to behave correctly, and it certainly tainted the day. My cousin was upset but I reminded her to focus on the day and her new husband and let everyone else deal with the guests.

That day made me think, some people just don’t know how to behave at weddings. It’s not just guests; it can be the wedding party too. So I have decided to write a list of wedding faux pas for anyone who is holding a wedding or attending one as a guest in the future. That way, at least you know the common rules to follow.  If there is any one you are worried about, you could subtly share this list on your social networks to establish the rules without actually pointing fingers or laying down the law.


Wedding Guests Horrors to Avoid


1. When you receive a wedding invitation, take the time to read it. If it says you can invite one guest then just invite one. Never invite more than one person, or assume the invite means you, your partner and your children if their names aren’t included. If you aren’t sure about who the invite covers, or who you can invite, check with the couple – never make assumptions.


Wedding Guests from Hell 22. Don’t wear white unless you are the bride. Many guests feel that white is a great colour for them but you cannot upstage the bride on her big day.  Shades of white are also not allowed. Stick to another colour all together, else you will be frowned upon by other guests and the bride too.


Let the bride only shine in her white wedding dress. Right: Beautiful bride Lauren in her glowing white wedding dress – Photo Courtesy: Lee Haywood


3. Alcoholic drinks are nearly always flowing at weddings but it’s not polite to get too drunk. Try not to cause a scene by drinking some water in-between drinks, not mixing your drinks and eating some food before you start on the booze.  If you have many hours ahead of you, put off drinking until later on in the day or evening to avoid the mid-afternoon slump that often comes with daytime drinking.


Bridal Party Horrors to Avoid


1. Many people are offended if you ask for money instead of gifts and it can cause your guests to feel uncomfortable. Allow your guests to buy your gifts from any store other than registering with one and make quiet suggestions in the ears of close friends or family if you really would prefer money. That way the word can spread quietly and you may find you receive the perfect balance between presents and money on your special day.


2. Forgetting to thank your guests is unacceptable. Your friends and family have taken time away from their routine to celebrate your day, have been on their best behaviour and perhaps have lavished you with presents too.  Remember to say thank you on the night and to send thank you cards or notes after the big day.


Wedding Guests from Hell 3
The Wedding Kiss is one of the most special moments of your life. Photo Courtesy: David Joyce

3. Kissing at the altar is always a special moment but remember your manners. The altar is not the time for a passionate clinch; keep it emotional yet respectful for the wedding guests and the person that married you.


4. Just like guests that attend your wedding day, it’s not appropriate for the bride and groom to get too drunk. You should also remember to space out your drinks, keep hydrated with water and line your stomach with food. A drunken bride and groom can lead to all sorts of unfortunate events that could scar your wedding day memories for life.


Stick to the above rules and the day should be a success for everyone. Remember to have fun too, yet be respectful to all of the wedding party and fellow guests for the best possible day. Leave fights and conflict for another day.


Treat the bride and groom to personalised wedding gifts they will enjoy. Turn a present into one to cherish forever.


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