Scrapbook Wedding Invitation: The Best Way to Share Your Love Story

Scrapbook Wedding Invitation - The Best Way to Share Your Love Story 1Photo Courtesy: Elaine


If there’s one thing that gives couples such a hard time while preparing for their wedding, it is the abundance of choices. Of course it is nice to have options compared to being limited to things that don’t even appeal to your tastes and preferences, but, there are instances when the exhaustive options tend to get rather exhausting. Take for instance choosing the type of wedding invitation; this alone amounts to a wide array of possibilities. From the classic ink on paper, to the less conventional and theme-specific items like coffee cups or even boxes filled with pre-wedding favors – the list goes on and on.


Scrapbook Wedding Invitation

Scrapbook Wedding Invitation - The Best Way to Share Your Love Story 2
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So why don’t we narrow down the prospects and lessen, if not entirely get rid of, pre-matrimonial jitters; scrapbook wedding invitation, anyone?
Your wedding guests are the most important people in your life as a couple, so why not give all of them the lowdown on your love story through a personalized wedding invitation? A scrapbook wedding invitation does this quite well since you can conveniently incorporate several elements to this nifty item such as pictures, vignettes, story sketches, and even romantic correspondences you have shared as a couple. All these elements are enough to communicate to your wedding guests that, as partners, you are both ready to venture into a life of shared dreams, love, and of course, mortgage.


The Preparation


Making a scrapbook is not entirely easy. It requires ample creativity and, yes, patience. Nonetheless, this is something which you as a couple could turn into a fun and engaging project.


Scrapbook Wedding Invitation - The Best Way to Share Your Love Story 3
Image Courtesy: David Lin

First, you will have to decide on a specific theme for the scrapbook. Next, cull the things you wish to include in the final output from all sorts of materials like old pictures, love letters, and the likes. You then have to scan all of these and turn them into electronic files; this will make it easier for you to accomplish the layout. There are many layout tutorials online to help you get through this task, but, if you want a professional look on your scrapbook invite, you can also hire the help of a freelance layout artist.

Here are two finish products you can choose from.


Go digital


There are two ways to go digital with your scrapbook wedding invitation. One is through the online medium. You could send your friends and loved ones the scrapbook invites via their emails or social networking accounts like Facebook or Twitter. If those are not your cup of tea, you can opt to upload the scrapbook video on YouTube, or set an independent online domain for it, and then send out notes/letters to lead your guests to the website.

Another digital option is the DVD or Blue-ray file which can then be mailed to the guests.


Get physical


Scrapbook Wedding Invitation - The Best Way to Share Your Love Story 4


This is not the ideal for penny-pinching couples since printing for multipage-invites can be a bit costly. But if you opt to make it even more special (than it already is), and you are willing to go the extra financial mile for the sake of having that perfect wedding, then this should definitely be your thing. All you have to do is to take your final layout to a printing service provider, order your required copies, and off you go to the post office. Surely, your guests will feel even more endeared to you as a couple having been made privy to your love story.


Left: Cover for a Scrapbook from the 1930s – Photo Courtesy: Karen Horton


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