On-Trend Wedding Day Must-Haves

On-Trend Wedding Day Must-Haves 1A fun wedding party – Photo Courtesy: Mahalie Stackpole


There are many ways you can make your special day a day to remember.


If you are planning your wedding, you’ll want to make it the most special day of your life. So to do this you’ll need to plan meticulously and make sure everything goes along without a hitch. But how do you make your day different from your friend’s wedding you attended last year? And how do you create a day everyone who attends will remember for the rest of their lives?

Wedding trends come and go; what once may have been in vogue just a decade ago is now considered passé and can make your event seem like it’s not been thought through at all. Here we describe some of the recent wedding trends which are bound to make your wedding an event everyone will remember.


The wedding cake


On-Trend Wedding Day Must-Haves 2
Wedding Cupcakes – Image Courtesy: Miss Creative Cakes

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a wedding cake. But the traditional three tiered affair which was once popular is losing out to new designs. And as far as on-trend cake designs go, the more flamboyant the better. It might not be the done thing to have your photo taken cutting the cake any more, but you can still create some stunning photographic memories by indulging in new wedding cake design.

Current wedding cake trends dictate that everyone should have their own individual cake, which can be eaten on the day or taken home. And one of the favourite ways to do this is by using frosted cupcakes held individually in a spectacular wedding cake shape. These types of individual wedding cake stands can be hired quite easily nowadays; you just have to choose the type of mini-cake.


The wedding music


On-Trend Wedding Day Must-Haves 3
A live Wedding Band – Photo Courtesy: Andrew Malone

Most wedding days can be segregated into three broad components, the ceremony, the breakfast and the evening entertainment. But instead of hiring a DJ and dancing to cheesy 60s and 70s music, how about joining in the current trend of hiring a live wedding band?

The music played at your wedding should hold some significance to you and your life and similarly the first dance should be a meaningful song or ballad. And to get the best effect and crowd reaction at any wedding, live music is the way to go. A live wedding band can add that je ne sais quoi to any wedding and is certain to liven up the evening proceedings.

There is a wide choice of wedding bands to choose from, many of which play music from a specific genre. So whether rock, pop, classical or jazz, there’s something out there for everyone.


Chad Harding hired a wedding band last year; he thinks it made his day extra-special. He used mandrweddingband.co.uk.  


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