How To Get Great Floristry Special Effects

How To Get Great Floristry Special Effects 1Bridal flowers (artificial) and Glitterati flower holders by Inspirations of UK


The world of floristry goes far beyond the arrangement of a vase of flowers, although that requires skill too. There are lots of amazing tricks and special effects that florists use to create stunning displays for occasions big and small like weddings and birthdays.

If you want to create your very own extra special bouquets and floral arrangements at your wedding, take a look at some of the ideas below.





How To Get Great Floristry Special Effects 2
Photo Courtesy: Shawn Skriver

Nothing says ‘celebrate’ like balloons. Adding a balloon to a floral display really lifts it to new heights. There is wide variety of styles of balloon you can choose, from bright, solid colours to message balloons and shaped balloons. Shaped balloons are great, especially heart shaped ones for weddings. However, it’s important to make sure you match the colours of balloons to the colour scheme of your wedding flowers. Together, they would make for an attractive decoration set for your special day.


Sparkles and Crystals

How To Get Great Floristry Special Effects 3


For an added touch of sophistication, crystals can be a delightful way to create a sense of razzle dazzle. Small crystals and diamantés can also be applied to twigs and other dried plants to offer a magical quality. These are available in various sizes, and only need to be scattered around a display for real impact. When scattered on a mirrored plate, the effect can be quite impressive.


Mirrored Plates


How To Get Great Floristry Special Effects 4

To offer your display different lighting, place the vase or container on a mirrored plate. These can come in a range of sizes and shapes, and direct light up toward the arrangement. They’re also a good base for other decorative touches, not only crystals as previously mentioned, but also confetti and coloured glass beads or decorative stones.


Left: A mirrored plate with jewels



Water Dyes


One area that we tend to forget about when creating a floral arrangement is the colour of the water, and how this too can be used for special effects. Of course, this doesn’t matter if the vase or container isn’t clear, but if it is, the results can be incredible. Different coloured water tends to work best in taller containers, and you can choose water to fit in with the colour scheme of a particular theme, such as corporate colours.




This is where we get really serious about special effects! There are very subtle tricks that can add impact to a floral display; then there are those that really make the show. You can now get submersible lighting accessories that offer a beautiful glow in the water of the display itself. Oasis Floral Products have released small, individual LED lights in a diamond casing. The effect is remarkable. Although don’t expect to see them come back at the end of a wedding reception or party – they do tend to end up in pockets and bags!


Inspirations Wholesale sell a wide range of Oasis florist products.


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