Have A Wedding Coming Up? Plan It In Advance

Have A Wedding Coming Up - Plan It In Advance 1

A wedding is usually one of the most important days in any individual’s life. You want it to be perfect and make sure that everything goes right, just the way you always imagined it to be. In order to make this day successful, you need to do a lot of planning.

You need to start well in advance, maybe months. The reason this is one of the most difficult and tedious tasks to do is because there are so many things to be done in such a short span of time, that you can end up making huge blunders. Therefore, in order to have a perfect wedding you must plan it out properly.

This article will guide you through a step by step detailed list of things to do. Pay attention to these little things and make your wedding a successful one.


The Breakdown


Have A Wedding Coming Up - Plan It In Advance 2


The initial step is to divide the planning into few sections. That includes the budget, venue, list of guests and the theme for the wedding. The two most important aspects to be kept in mind are the day and date. Before you start with any other further planning, you must be clear about these two things. They can have an effect on all the others, thus be sure of these before proceeding with the planning.

Once the day and date have been fixed, you need to make other reservations and bookings. Getting a good caterer, band and professional photographer are some of the things you will consider in the second section of the breakdown. This is the next important thing after the day and date.

Last but not the least, make a list of the bridesmaids and maid of honour, best man and groomsman, ring bearer, flower girls and the ushers.




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The most important thing is deciding a budget. Earlier the bride’s parents used to foot the bill for her wedding, but that is not the case today. Both families usually sit down together and see how much they can afford to put in. The bills are shared among both the families and neither of them is fully burdened with the responsibility of footing the bills alone. Thus when you have both families deciding the amount, you can get a clear estimate of how much money you have with you to spend.


Guest List 


Have A Wedding Coming Up - Plan It In Advance 4


The next important aspect here is to prepare the guest list. This can be quite difficult and time consuming depending on the industry you work in and the social life you belong to. Since this is the most important day in a person’s life, he wants to share it with everybody he knows. But, the number of guests can have a direct effect on your budget. So this must be kept in mind while preparing the list of guests you will be inviting.


Location and Theme


The third aspect under this section is the location and theme. Always remember that booking a place well in advance will be cheaper than booking it right at the end. Now the location will depend on the preference of the bride and groom. Some may want to keep it simple and have a church wedding, while some may want to have a lavish one. There are many alternatives like parks, beaches, places of historical significance, a bungalow or maybe even overseas. This totally depends on personal choices, but the budget needs to be kept in mind.


Have A Wedding Coming Up - Plan It In Advance 5


Once the location is decided, the theme will vary accordingly. Both these aspects go hand in hand. Deciding the theme is relatively easier because once the location is set, you know what will go well with that.

The time and date of your wedding play an important role too in deciding the above three aspects. Out of 12 months in a year, you need to decide on just one day. Sounds difficult, right? So this needs to be sat down and planned between both the families keeping in mind the availability of guests and holiday season. Also, winter weddings are more expensive than summer ones, so if you have a tight budget, better keep this in mind.




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I know I have come to this very early, but I think this is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Capturing the most important day in your life and cherishing those moments when you are older, is just priceless. So hiring a good photography team is a vital part of any successful wedding.


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