Wedding Decorations On A Budget


Wedding Decorations on a Budget 1

One of the most challenging things facing any newly engaged couple is trying to find wedding decorations on a budget. You want to find the very best, and you want to have the perfect day, but you do have to watch your wallet.


Wedding decorations


The reception is the place where you are going to need the most wedding decorations. You will probably want to have centerpieces for the tables and flowers everywhere.  On a budget this may be difficult, and you may have to change your dreams a little. However, with thought and careful planning, you can stretch your dollar and still have a wonderful day.


Wedding Decorations on a Budget 2

Plan in detail all the things that you do want to have.  Try to think of absolutely everything. Include every detail – from the tip that you should give to the person performing the ceremony, to the thank you notes that you should send after the wedding.


Wedding reception


Once you have your list, set your priorities. What are the things that you absolutely cannot do without? You will need a place to have the wedding reception. Do you have to rent a hall? Maybe you can find an alternative. Is there someone’s yard that you could possibly use? Can you have the ceremony and the reception in the same location?


Wedding decorations on a small budget


The next step is to think of things that you can make or do yourself. On a small budget, you may be forced to get creative. Invitations can often be handled at home – with today’s printers and some quality paper, you can make your own. This is only the beginning of ways that you can save if you really work and think ahead.

Flowers are very expensive. One way that you cut your expenses is to use real flowers only where you absolutely have to. Get a flower for the groom and the groomsmen and of course for the bride and her maids. Plan to use other items everywhere else.


Wedding Decorations on a Budget 3

If you must have some kind of floral arrangement at the ceremony, get one or two large displays. These will look much better than having many small displays that look cheap. You can even move the arrangements to use at the reception hall after the service.

Bridal companies put things on sale if they overstock. Watch closely for these kinds of deals. Keep an eye out for things that are going out of season. You may be able to find ways to use these items in your wedding, and you will probably be able to get them at a discount.

There is no reason why you cannot have a perfect day. You might have a great night with the girls creating your own special centerpieces to put of each table. Planning wedding decorations on a budget can be challenging, but it can also be fun.