5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations

5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations 1David and Cara Wedding on the beautiful shores of Turks and Caicos – Photo Courtesy: David Berkowitz


Coco Chanel said: “Luxury is not all about money…it’s all about style”


Planning your wedding will be one of the most important things you ever do and, of course, you want to pull it off with style and finesse to make it the most memorable day of your life. Choosing a luxury location for your wedding can transform it from run of the mill to out of this world immediately. So, while luxury may not be all about money, it can cost a lot of money to pull it off. One way of saving and ensuring a luxurious setting for your nuptials is to get married abroad. Marrying abroad can reportedly save you up to 40% on an equivalent wedding at home.

Here I’ll look at some of the dream destinations around the world that tick all the boxes in terms of luxury, beauty and romance.


Turks & Caicos


5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations 2
Right: Tom and Paige Wedding in Turks and Caicos; Left: Beautiful bride Paige looks like a Mermaid Princess appearing out of the ocean!
Photo Courtesy: Christopher Michel


This collection of 40 islands and cays offer exquisite and natural beauty alongside the magnificence of French, Italian and Caribbean architecture all in one place. There are many award winning luxury hotels on the islands as well as private villas along the white sand beaches. Whatever your style, be it on the beach or in a hotel, the ceremony and reception will be naturally luxurious in this breathtaking setting. Weddings here can be a big celebration; the locals love a party, so if you do too then feel free to make as much noise and fuss as you like with music in the street, bells and honking horns. More intimate affairs are easily accommodated in the gorgeous secluded gardens around the islands. Couples who’ve packed their sea legs can even take a boat out and be married, floating in the azure blue of the Atlantic Ocean.


Sardinia, Italy


5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations 3
Is Morus Relais is a romantic wedding venue in Sardinia – Image: In Italy Wedding


Another island destination that boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Sardinia sits in the heart of the Mediterranean, closer to Tunisia than to its mother country Italy. Lonely Planet calls it ‘Italy’s forgotten island’, which is great for anyone looking for a quiet location rather than one where you’ll be competing with tourists. However, Sardinia’s reputation as a quiet island of fishermen and farmers suits the privacy desired for a luxury wedding. Oristano, on the Western coast, has plenty of 5 star villas, castles and palazzos to play host to the grandest of weddings.


Kinsale, Ireland


5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations 4A Wedding Party at the entrance to Charles Fort, one of the best-known historical attraction in Kinsale –  Photo Courtesy: Manuel Martin


Kinsale is a small seaside town in the southern-most county of Ireland, Cork, known for golfing (e.g. the internationally renowned Old Head Golf Course), yachting and 5 star getaways. It has also been voted the Gourmet Capital of Ireland so you’ll be sure of top class food at your reception. There are a number of private estates in the area that will give you luxury, privacy and access to some of the most beautiful countryside and coastal views in the world. Old 18th century houses have been well preserved and the extensive estates kept intact. Old world opulence in the architecture and unfaltering Irish charm and hospitality will make your wedding a day to remember.


Perth, Australia


5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations 5
The sprawling complex of Hotel Crown Metropol in Perth, Australia


Perth vineyards and wineries make perfect wedding venues for outdoor weddings with the added benefit that the table wine will be a higher calibre. Perth city centre also lends itself to celebrations full of glitz and glam. The Hyatt Regency Hotel and The Crown Metropol, both situated along the Swan River, are excellently appointed to cater for the wedding of your dreams. Perth presents the perfect balance of urban convenience and coastal beauty.


The Cotswolds, England


5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations 6Sian and Paul Wedding at The Cotswolds, England – Photo Courtesy: Jennie Rainsford


Any lady who’s grown up dreaming of a princess wedding will adore The Cotswolds, in South West England, which contains a mix of grand English stately homes, castles and quant cottages that transport you back in time. Several venues here have been voted the most luxurious places for an English wedding. Barnsley House, for example, has fabulous luxury facilities like a spa, swimming pool and private cinema which the wedding party can use exclusively during their stay. The region is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which the local community works hard to preserve.


The cherry on the cake is the perfection in every detail. Use a wedding planner who is well acquainted with your chosen location or search for the best local suppliers yourself. Lastly, hire a great photographer too, for example, film wedding videos in Perth, that ensure every detail of your luxury wedding is caught on film to show to children and grandchildren in years to come.


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