10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts

10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts 1Personalised Wedding Gifts – Couples Tea & Tin and Mr & Mrs Mug Set at Utterly Personal


So often when you have so much to plan just to cover the wedding day, things like wedding gifts for bridesmaids, the best man and mother of the bride all get forgotten until the very last minute. What follows is a mad dash to the shops to try and pick out something suitable for each one.

Yet the organized bride will have all this covered. While choosing the wedding gifts is not something you can delegate to your Chief Bridesmaid, since she will be essentially choosing her own gift, you can at least shop from the comfort of your own home and have all the gifts picked, paid for and delivered at the click of a mouse.


10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts 2Above: Wedding Gifts for both Mothers-in-Law

ALERT: Finish shopping for mothers-in-law FIRST thing!!


Here is our guide to planning your wedding gifts that will leave you feeling calm and stress-free whilst delighting those who played such an integral role both before and during your wedding day.


1. Who are you buying for?10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts 3

Write down everyone that you need to buy gifts for and put them into groups. So the bridesmaids would be one group, ushers another, Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man can go together, etc.


2. Delegate gift buying responsibility

The groom can buy for the male members of the party whilst the bride focuses on the female members.


3. Consider your budget

It might be an idea to allocate a budget per person of around £10 for example for the bridesmaids, £5 for children and £20 for big players like the Best Man and Mother of the Bride.


4. Consider the Person10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts 4

Don’t buy wedding gifts just for the sake of it. Your gift is more likely to be treasured if you have given a little thought to what that person might actually want or appreciate.


5. Brainstorm Wedding Gift Ideas

Put the person’s name into a circle and have a few ideas written outside the circle.


6. Use Photos

Sometimes it can be a good idea to visualize the person you are buying for. We can often be distracted by the gift itself but if you see a nice personalised mug, just take a look at the photo of your Chief Bridesmaid first as you might realize that she’d actually appreciate a personalised wine glass much more!


7. Buy in Advance10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts 5

Yes you might have a million and one things to arrange for the wedding day but remember that if you are gift buying online you will need to allow time for delivery. Prepare in advance therefore and it’s one less worry to have.


8. Keep a Spare Gift

It has been known with the chaos of the wedding, for the bride and groom to be one gift short for their party. Sometimes they miscount the bridesmaids or forgot that they asked a cousin to be an Usher. It’s always wise therefore to buy one extra gift such as a box of chocs or gift voucher just in case and if you don’t use it, it will come in useful for someone’s birthday.


9. Don’t Try to Buy Unique Gifts for Everyone

There is nothing wrong in buying the same gift for all the bridesmaids. It prevents arguments and saves costs and really, they don’t expect to all receive a unique gift. You can always personalise your wedding gifts to make them special if you wish. Some gifts already come with personalised options.


10. Give Something Memorable10 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Gifts 6

A bottle of wine is lovely but it won’t last long whereas personalised wedding gifts will always hold cherished memories.


The key to staying organized with anything is to always plan ahead and keep notes of everything you have done, and have yet to do, so that you know exactly where you are up to. Then on the day itself, you can relax in the knowledge that thanks to your planning skills, everything is running like clockwork.


All images used above courtesy: Utterly Personal of UK


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